Old Glory – TR

Owen – On top of the World.

Taking advantage of the sunshine yesterday, I got up Old Glory for the first time this winter, touring with a group of new friends, none of whom had summited before.

Looking down our line of descent.

A conspicuous slab release (from a few days ago) on the east face kept us to a conservative line on the nose, and although variable and firm wind affected snow conditions didn’t make for the easiest of turns, weaving through the sunlit snow ghosts was pretty magical.

Slab release on the east face (our line was to the skiers left).

Easy travelling, and softer snow at lower elevations, combined to make for a perfect day in the Rossland Range.

Denis – Ripping up the windcrust.


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One response to “Old Glory – TR

  1. Dennis Lynch

    Hey Stewart,

    Great blog. That was a great day up Old Glory, thanks for your expertise! Just did the coldsmoke randonee on my pow sticks. THE PAIN!
    I’ve got some nice shots from that ski I could send you if you like. If you’re ever looking for a a weekend tour partner drop me a line!


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