Dynafit Titans – Follow Up.

I’ve had perhaps 100 days now on my Dynafit Titan alpine touring boots, and my initial impressions have been confirmed. These boots continue to be comfortable enough that I’ll wear them house to house, even when I’ve an hour drive to the trailhead, yet paradoxically clamp down for maximum skiing performance. Minor issues that I’ve noticed over this time include:

– A cant adjustment mechanism that continually rotates, never locking on the desired setting, and that has a noticible amount of lateral play. Obviously a design fault (many users have had the same issue), Dynafit is sending me non-adjustable replacement rivets which should address the problem.

– A less than positive (compared to the Garmont Radium for instance) forward lean locking mechanism, which unless I pay full attention (locking it into ski mode before buckling up seems to help) can easily revert to walk mode or lock in the 15 degree rather than the desired 21 degree forward position. Several of the internal screws holding the forward lean mechanism in place have begun working their way out, but I monitor them periodically, and just screw em back in.

– Wear in the rubber around the binding toe engagement notches, but this seems to have no functional effect.

– The stitching attaching the velcro to the power strap has come loose. I’ll get around to re-sewing it sometime soon.

I recently had a chance to try on (just in store) the new Dynafit TLT5 boots, and was so impressed with their low volume fit, light weight, range of touring movement, and surprising supportiveness in ski mode, that I might eventually (once they’ve had time to work out the bugs) find a way to justify buying pair for longer tours, but for aggressive backcountry skiing, the Titans are still the benchmark.



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3 responses to “Dynafit Titans – Follow Up.

  1. scott

    great write up , can you expand on how the non-adjustable replacement rivets worked out for you. I have the same problem and the lateral stiffness is poor…

    also i cant work out how to adjust the 15 or 21 deg setting, any ideas

    • Stewart Spooner


      Replacement rivets were installed by local shop, and fixed the problem. To try to ensure I get into the 21 degree position (which I prefer) I switch the ski mode lever before tightening the buckles, and flex forward until I think it has engaged correctly. Otherwise the 15 degree position seems to be the default. Play around with the shells without the liner to understand the difference.

      *Stewart Spooner*

  2. scott

    thanks stewart, have figured out the forward lean and will look into getting rivets done… nice blog !

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