Drinkable Beer at Rafters?

I love the newly renovated Rafters bar at Red Mountain. It retains enough of the intimate historical character of the original, while adding light and style, and a bar that is pleasure to sit and drink at. The selection of food is minimal, but from the pizzas I’ve tried it seems they’re at least trying to step up their game in that department also. It continues as one of the better places I know to down a couple of beers after a day on the hill, and they’ll get my continued patronage, that is if they can find a way to serve me a drinkable beer.
Anhauser-Busch-Inbev (owners of Labatts and the Columbia Brewing Co) is one of the world’s top 5 consumer products companies, a global mega-corporation that creates and controls markets, through saturation image driven marketing (nothing to do with the beer) and practices such as monopolizing the beer supply in Rafters. Red Mountain Resort must be getting something out of the arrangement (sponsorship of events and such), but the result is that the last drinkable beer (Tree’s Cutthroat Pale Ale) has been removed from the taps, and discerning beer drinkers now get to choose from 8 virtually indistinguishable variations of industrial swill (brewed with cheap adjuncts such as rice and corn). I realize that’s going to sound condescending to people who buy 24 packs of Bud, but I’m an unapologetic devotee of craft beers. Beers brewed from traditional ingredients, with flavor, character, and a local identity, sort of like Red Mountain. And I’m not alone. According to www.ratebeer.com , the world’s most popular independent source of beer information, not one of the eight beers we’re now being limited to choosing from at Rafters score above 19% in their drinker generated rating system. Cut-throat Pale Ale scores 70%. My current favorite, Phillips HopCircle IPA, scores 92%. I’ve talked with the Red’s F&B manager about this very issue, and he seemed to acknowledge the problem, so I’m hoping to see the reintroduction of real beer to Rafters sometime soon.



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5 responses to “Drinkable Beer at Rafters?

  1. Gid

    Good write up Stew – excellent in fact. Hope you get the change to occur (especially before I get there as I physically cannot drink the beers currently being served – massive indigestion!)

  2. Pete Wuehr

    Sorry to hear water is currently the only beverage to look forward to at rafters after a day of adventure in the snow. Imagine if Red was known equally well for its fantastic variety of great beers post ski as well as the great skiing. It would surely attract connoisseurs of both mediums, which for my mind are people prepared to part with money for quality. Alternative? BYO in the carpark? Unideal. Hope all is rectified before my next visit. Cheers.

  3. truman

    Remember way back when they used to have Nelson Brewing on tap…….. those were the days. being so close and local you think it would a natural fit. A Face Plant would be great after a few on the slopes.

  4. Mel

    I totally agree with the article – we were there over NY and tried to get access to the 1 keg of Tree they had in the tap room (by drinking the lightest keg dry so they’d swap it out). Servers were a bit apathetic to the whole thing. Bud’ though – really…I know it’s close to the boarder…but I’d rather ski into Rossland [from Red] than drink a pitcher of that!

  5. susan

    Great article, I will forward to Jamey (Tree Beer), thanks for the support

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