It felt like a deep 4cm. Insignificant compared to the extravagant snowfall totals from far flung locales that I mindlessly monitor each morning, but enough to reset all the lines I tracked out after the last snowfall. Enough to smooth out the transitions between untouched pillows of fresh. I’m paying attention, but there’re plenty of surprises out there. That anticipated cushion of a landing suddenly revealed as solid, and flung into the back-seat I rocket into a thicket of alder, arms up, feet together, holding it together till freedom. Later in the day, tired, mopping up on moderate terrain, making lazy smears in remnant pockets of powder, then whack! I connect with scarcely concealed stump, instantly removing my outside ski, and launching me into a somersault. The landing is clear and soft, and I’m unharmed, but chastened.


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3 responses to “Stumped

  1. MrSpicy

    I’d agree, it was definitely a very satisfying “4cm”, but insignificant enough to keep away those more committed to their pillows or shopping. I hope you found from the trio of health tonics I left at your door at least one with the requisite healing properties needed post-chaste. Happy holidays Stew.

  2. Ryan


    Can you give me the approximate location of that stump so I can notify Patrol and have them mark it? Looks nasty, that one.

    • Ryan,

      My understanding is that the ski patrol at Red only try to mark and /or address hazards on the groomed runs, and that by heading off-piste I take responsibility for myself, and for trying to avoid the multitude of such hazards. If there has been some change in policy, and there is a genuine intention to make the rest of the mountain safer, I’d be happy to provide a prioritized list for patrol, but otherwise I expect it’d probably just piss them off.


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