Motherlode Opens

Mat on Slides

Opening on Motherlode can be a pretty special day, with all those fresh smooth lines to be skied. Unfortunately the mild temps over the past couple of days have resulted in a thick (6mm) crust on the top half of the mountain, making for unforgiving conditions. It was very quiet. At lower elevations the schmoo was skiing well, and after adjusting my technique and attitude, I ended up having a great morning of skiing on many of my favorite lines. As temps drop tonight we’ll be left with a perfect base, and there’s another snowy system on the way!

Checking out the new lines on Grey


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4 responses to “Motherlode Opens

  1. Graham Jones

    Hay mate, long time no see, your blogs is fantastic, Great to see you have time to keep all of us up to date with your adventures. All the best. GJ

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