Skiing around.

Remote release as I crested the top of Powderfields
It’s been dumping all day, with perhaps 10cm of accumulation. Strangely there seems more in my driveway than on top of Granite, but accompanied by a bit of wind it has filled in most of the old tracks, and because it’s setting up a little with the mild temps, the rain crust is now a non-issue.

Main Run is still by far the best option for a safe and snowy descent, but as the snow accumulates I get curious about what else might be skiable. Yesterday Karen and I had a pretty clean line down Jumbo. I tried Powderfields into Paleface today, which other than a scratchy grovel through the cliffy middle section (though I didn’t have to take my skis off), was quality powder skiiing.

Centerstar – looking good and skiing well.
It seems with this latest snow, any of the open moderate terrain that has been brushed recently is worth a try.

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