49 Degrees North

Ploughing the Fields
49 Degrees North is a small ski hill (not even close to being a resort) about an hour and half south of here in Washington State. They opened yesterday, with enough new snow to pique my interest, so Elise and I made a day of it. All the lifts were running, but it was dead quiet on a bitterly cold and snowy Thanksgiving, and most runs were closed. Fortunately the (friendly laid back) patrollers weren’t enforcing closures, so we farmed effortless boot deep untracked powder on empty intermediate slopes from start to finish.

Elise – New skis and a big smile.

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  1. MrSpicy

    Nice to see you exploring all the available options out there. Meanwhile, some were bodysurfing and draining the beer stocks at Maruata (or affectionately known as Marijuanata) beach, just a few hours away from your recent surfing haunt at Caleta des Campos. Toasted Thanksgiving with a fantastic meal of langusta and Corona shared amongst my new compadres. See you soon.

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