Glacier Creek

On my way to the top.
I got to check out and ski a new (for me) zone out of Glacier Creek yesterday. After an early start and a long drive, the road was clear to 25km, and Mike and I sledded (on dirt and snow) into the base from there.

Mike – Checking out the Seracs.
After a substantial climb, Mike hung out at foot of the glacier while I pushed up to the top in about 20cm of new snow. It wasn’t quite real powder skiing, but nice smooth turns for this time of year.

There are plenty of reasons to return.
From the foot of the glacier down it was fun spring skiing, a 5000′ descent in all. Experiencing Mike’s sweet sled access set-up has me more motivated than ever to acquire my own sled for next winter.

Stewart – Looking back at my line (the ramp).



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2 responses to “Glacier Creek

  1. mc

    about bloody time you bought a sled

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