Bostock Pass Base Camp

Cam – Trenching In.

I’m just back from 7 days snow camping and skiing in the vicinity of Bostock Pass in the Northern Selkirks. We slogged in from the Bostock trailhead in a raging blizzard and at least 80cm of new snow.


For the first couple of days it was knee to waist deep on all aspects.

Snow Camping.

With constant heavy snowfall and low temperatures it was a challenge keeping warm and dry. We slept in tents and used a Megamid as a cooking shelter.

Ascending Mt Corbin.

As the weather cleared we were able to ascend the nearby peaks and ski some of the glaciers and alpine bowls.

Jordy – Skiing the North Corbin Glacier with the Fang in the background.

There’s something hypnotic about linking together dozens of perfect powder turns down a huge expanse of snow, and being a relative novelty for a bunch of Rosslanders, we tracked all the big classic lines within reach.

Jordy – Casualty Creek.

And we couldn’t resist hitting some of the tempting puffy pillow lines along the way.

Back to Civilization

I took plenty of photos, and have a few stories, which I’ll share as I find the time, but for the moment I’m going to enjoy the warmth of Spring and a  few comforts of home.

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