Exploring at Kootenay Pass

Jordy Checking out the Cleft.

With conditions as good as they’ve been, it’s tempting to just ski one’s favorite powder lines over and over, but venturing onto new terrain keeps things exciting. The visibility was in and out yesterday, and we found time to both lap powder in the gladed trees and to ski a new aesthetic line we’re calling the Cleft.

Dave rappelling in.

Getting off the corniced ridge required a sporty strait-line into air. Dave and Jordy didn’t like the look of what I’d left, so rappelled in.

Dave – Skiing the Cleft.

I don’t think we had a bad turn all day.


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3 responses to “Exploring at Kootenay Pass

  1. Dub

    Is this the large one on the west side of the bowl that gives access to Waldie Lake?

  2. Dave Hodgkin

    Hey Stu.

    Though I was the only one bagging bigger lines into Waldie. Over the last two weeks Myself and whoever I can talk into it have been dropping in to the lake on various lines, including Wolfs Tail which is directly across from The Cleft. Beautiful steep chute! The Cleft was on store for the weekend but now that there are tracks I have no interest. Nice work. http://davehodgkin.blogspot.com/ if you’re interested. Keep up the good work.

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