In Memory of …

The Victorious Double Dees.

With so much going on this past weekend in Rossland, I was only able to participate in a small part of what was on offer. The Double Dees asked me to take on their mountain biking leg  for the Annual John Heintz Memorial muti-sport relay race, and were victorious for the third year running. John was one of the founders of the Red Mountain landmark Red Shutter Inn, and prominent in the local skiing community.  His widow Hanna (center right) presented the trophy.

Buffalo Ridge Gathering

Captain Jack Carey was a relative newcomer to the Red Mountain skiing community, but his with his distinctive long beard, New Hampshire drawl, and gregarious nature, he made his presence felt. He died this past summer in a road biking accident, and the Red Mountain ownership group put together a celebration of his life for family and friends from all over. We gathered at the base of Buffalo Ridge on a spectacular afternoon – unseasonably warm clear and windless, the speeches were sincere, and we joyfully group skied the run cut and named in Jack’s memory.

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