Kicking Horse Backcountry

Looking north – lots of great skiing (other than the closures).

On Sunday we headed north from Kicking Horse Resort into the easily accessible backcountry. I don’t pretend to understand some of the bizarre closure policies in this area (seemingly Purcell Heli-skiing making a very long winded point), but once beyond the area boundary there seemed endless tempting options.

D’Arcy’s Memorial

D’Arcy McRae died in a climbing accident in 2004. I’d skied with him quite a bit when he called Rossland home in the 90’s, and it good a see that his memory is being kept alive in the Kicking Horse backcountry.

Elise .

We skied a open glade line to the south, and then an avalanche path down the eastern aspect to the resort base. Some clearing in the tight trees would make for some incredible continuous lines , but in the perfect powder conditions we had a pretty fun time of it.

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  1. Amanda

    yeah!! nice work

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