Into 2010

A novel use for the Pennywise.

A skier must be adaptable. Facing the challenge of a misplaced boot tongue and an approaching deadline for catching last chair in order to attend our New Years Eve celebration atop Granite Mountain, Craig substituted a folded copy of the Pennywise magazine. Apparently it provided a moderate even flex and effective snow-proofing.

GT-ing on St Paul.

Skiing Rino’s (Long Squaw) is never as much fun as in the dark with 10cm of fresh (and falling) snow. After stopping in for a high octane rum and coke at the Yodel-Inn, Elise and I made it back to Rossland for some GT-ing on the snowy streets.

Indian Rock.

2010 started with two (busy) powder days in row, and more celebrating with friends and family. With the holidays now over, and more snow on the way, I expect that lots of fresh lines are in order.

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