Kootenay Pass – TR.

Getting the great skiing is usually about timing. Andrew, Brian, and I toured into one of our favorite back-country stashes just as the last of the warm wet weather was leaving us, setting us up for two cold clear days of perfect powder skiing. Many of the steep north and north-east facing alpine slopes had slid recently, but the cold temps seemed to consolidated things, and we were pleasantly surprised with the stability. Surface conditions were boot-deep easy skiing powder on all aspects. Here are just a few of my snaps.


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5 responses to “Kootenay Pass – TR.

  1. Gerry

    Damn, I had to work. Your pics look great! Heading up there tomorrow. G.

  2. ben

    ahhh…,damn I love that place!

  3. francois

    man. nice pics! maybe you could lighten up your pack a bit?

  4. michelle

    That looks sweet! Looking forward to some winter. All is good in Afreaka….home on the 29th!

  5. Gid

    Beautiful pics Stew. Could almost feel the light pow against my face when staring at them!

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