Above the Clouds.

The Kootenay Sea.

I don’t need a reason to go skiing. I go unless there’s a good reason not to. It was dark and damp in town this morning, and not very inspiring, but Jordy and I (and not too many others) spent the day ripping around the mountain, finding lots of left-overs from yesterday’s powder, and enjoying spectacular views and sunshine.

Orchards – if you look closely you can just see the summit of Red Mountain.


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2 responses to “Above the Clouds.

  1. Dave

    Looks like things are filling in nicely. Nice to see some winter posts on your blog again! Keep it up.

  2. Gid

    Hey Stewie,

    Lara and I reading your posts with the usual glee, though from afar it feels somewhat surreal. Missing the opening for the first time in 18 seasons feels…weird, I guess. Thanks for keeping the posts going. Catch you later in the year for some turns.

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