Searching for the perfect resort skis.

Last Season – Dynastar Huge Troubles with Marker Dukes

Another powder day at Red today, the best conditions so far this season. It was a little on the  heavy side (a few face shots that splatted onto my goggles), but not so warm as to get sticky, and deep enough (boot to knee) to slow you down on the steeps.  I brought out my rock skis for opening day, but when the skiing is this good, I want to be on my Huge Troubles. When I was shopping for skis I knew I wanted some that would float through anything (110mm under foot), smear effortlessly when I need them to (neutral camber), and yet carve like a GS ski in firmer conditions (damp wood core with lots of side-cut), and they do it all.  I initially mounted them with Marker Dukes, figuring I’d use them for occasional side-country touring, but found the Dukes were impossibly heavy, a misery to tour with (I’m used to Dynafits), were actually difficult to get in and out of, and raised me too high off the skis. So I sold the Dukes, mounted some light and simple Salomon z12s, and couldn’t be happier.


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