Red Mountain Opening Day

Cam – Short Squaw (Booty’s).

I love opening day. No matter the conditions, it just feels great to be back skiing my favorite lines with my friends. Red opened earlier than originally advertised, Howard (the owner) was greeting skiers and handing out hot chocolates to the early morning lift -lineup, and (despite some challenging conditions) there were no terrain closures on the mountain. From my perspective, a good start to the year for the resort. Although it hasn’t snowed for the past couple of weeks, the coverage from a snowy November remains pretty decent, and we were able to ski all our favorite lines. The cold temps this past week have faceted the snow down to the ground in shallow areas (rock skis are recommended) , and there are some unpredictable crusts towards the bottom, but I was making powder turns from first chair to last, taking airs, and skiing steep lines till my legs were quivering. It certainly wasn’t busy, but the regulars were all out having fun and drinking beers in Rafters afterwards. All in all a great day.

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