Checking out the conditions.

The East Ridge of Mt Roberts – Viewed from the Mine Works above the T-Bar.

Feeling stiff and tired from opening day,  a relaxing walk in the mountains seemed like a good idea. I skinned up Mt Roberts, intending to pick a line in one of the North chutes, but they all appeared wind scoured.  In contrast the glades leading into the East ridge  looked  soft and inviting, so I figured I’d see how far I could get. I had be careful through the rock bands but I had great turns in the open terrain until about half way down the ridge, but then it got really thin and woody in the trees.  Eventually it got ridiculously bushy, and had to take my skis off and boot pack down for a 200m or so until I hit the summer road, on which I was able to ski  to the Old Cascade Hwy, and then skinned back up to the T-bar. A great little solo morning  adventure.  I had a look at the snow-pack on my way up Roberts  – 135cm of snow, with a well bridged weakness (facets under a deteriorating crust ) down 35cm.  The (NOAA) forecast is calling for 8-16 inches of snow in the mountains between Monday night and Wednesday. Bring it on.


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