Old Glory Canada Day


Steve – 7 Summits Trail.

It’s become a ritual of sorts, skiing Old Glory Glory on Canada Day. With the 7 Summits trail providing such convenient access, it seemed sensible to ride our bikes, and the past couple of years we’ve ridden/pushed our bikes to the summit to maximise our vertical descent. The ride up with skis and boots on the back is bit of an effort, but Jordy Steve and I just took it slow and steady, 3.5 hrs from the pavement at Strawberry Pass to the summit.


Al in the Goat Chute.

We found Al and Nobber (sans bikes) relaxing at the top of the main (skiers left) chute, and we all skied it in perfect spring corn conditions. Here’s a video of Jordy.

After boot packing out of the chute, and riding off the summit, Steve peeled off for a Plewman-Oasis descent, while Jordy and I swooped back down the 7 Summits trail to the Pass.  A great day.


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  1. Trail I.R.S.

    was the snow where her footsteps told the story

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