The Gathering


John Falkiner (with mic) and the Verbier/Clambin Crew

It’s rare that we get to engage with celebrity in our little Kootenay backwater, so although baffled by the concept of the Gathering I was looking forward to rubbing shoulders with a few of the names (John Falkiner, Marc Shapiro and Ace Kvale) I’ve been seeing in ski magazines for the past 20 years. At Saturday night’s function in the Lodge, I realized the whole thing was a reunion of sorts for the Verbier/Clambin crew, and we locals were just watching in from the outside, but everyone was having a good time. There was some world class entertainment – Ace Kvale’s pics were stunningly beautiful, but Dave Heath’s  integration of animation  into his Kootenay lifestyle showpiece was the highlight.


John Eaves – Rocking Rafters.

When I was neophyte ski bum in Whistler in the late 80’s, I was  in the line-up for the Peak chair to open on a blue-bird powder day.  While we waited, one of the local hot-shot instructors (Doug Perry) and some blonde babe joined John Eaves for first tracks with the cameras rolling (for Skiers Dream  which I’ve still never seen). As I remember it, in a white one-piece and headband John was in a class of his own, ripping huge fall-line powder turns down the Shale Slope, then launched the Waterfall bigger than I’d imaged possible and stomped the landing. It was a life changing experience. John and his band played rocking blues in Rafters till late, and at 56 he looked like he was still capable of charging hard.



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2 responses to “The Gathering

  1. Cam

    I long time ago, I had a poster of the John Eaves waterfall jump. It was sunshine and great form. I wonder if it was from the same day?

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