Moonlight Skiing


Dave – Mt Kirkup @ 9.00pm.

Last night – Clear skies, windless, a full-moon, and minus 15 degrees – perfect conditions for an evening lap on Mt Kirkup. Nothing quite like powder skiing in the moonlight (sans headlamp) with the lights of civilization flickering below. Skinning up the moon shaded north-face  we actually encountered another group skiing down with headlamps – only in Rossland.


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2 responses to “Moonlight Skiing

  1. Mike

    ….excellent idea~!


  2. Nice pic and I am sure my late Grandfather (Sheriff John Kirkup) would be very happy to know that this mountain, named after him, is giving so much pleasure to so many people…

    This is where I want my ashes to be spread, when I eventually croak !

    John Kirkup (Kimberley – 1936)

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