Mt Roberts – East Ridge


Mt Roberts East Ridge – From Rossland.

It’s an obvious skiable line, visible from most of Rossland. I look out onto it from my bedroom window every  morning. That it requires a car-drop and usually ends in tight steep trees and poor snow keeps the number of tracks to a minimum. But given that strong winds had hammered all the North faces, we knew it’d be loaded up and soft on the East Ridge.


Ed – Orchards.

In those areas that had escaped the wind it was still pretty sensational powder skiing on the hill, so we ripped a bunch of lines before heading out.

Cam – East Ridge.

Down the Ridge it was boot to knee deep fluff until about half-way down, then a bit thinner and firmer underneath, but we still enjoyed lots of fun turns through funky terrain down to our waiting truck. I guess Mat wasn’t quite as generous with his verdeict on the conditions. 


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