Airy Mountain – TR


Airy Mountain – 2562m

It’s about 3.5 hrs skinning on a logging road in from Passmore to the base of Airy Mountain. Not something I’d want to do every day, but the sun was shining, and at arelaxed pace, it was pretty enjoyable. With our early start Andrea, Kirk and I actually reached the base of the East face at exactly the same time as a couple of telemarkers I knew from Rossland, who’d sledded in. Who needs a damn sled!


Kirk – Chocolate Goo on a bagel – Yum.

We got suckered by an existing skin track that seemed promising,  but sent us well off route.  I usually prefer to trust my own judgement and break my own trail, but it probably won’t be the last time I follow a trail to nowhere.



By the time I’d bootpacked up a steep couloir onto some unknown peak a couple south of Airy, Andrea and Kirk had turned back. I hustled through a steep traverse,  a short technical descent, and a climb out of an adjacent bowl to get back on top of Airy’s East face.


Norns Range – Looking south from Airy. 

The snow on the huge open East face of Airy was consolidated consistent powder, perfect for big fast carving turns. It’s a total of about 6200′ of vertical back to the car. By the end of a big day we were all pretty tired, and that first beer tasted like nectar.

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  1. Mike

    Hey Spooner

    Nice story…one suggestion. Start a bit later in the morning, bring beer and a rope and wait for the guys with sleds. Offer them a beer to tow you up the road…now you don’t need a sled.

    …a guy with a sled.

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