Nelson Range – TR


Kootenay Pass – It hasn’t dumped for a while, but there’s still plenty of great powder skiing to be had if you’re prepared to get out and explore. Andrew’s buddy Kirk was visiting from Vermont for his annual BC ski fix, and Tyler hadn’t been touring for ever, so we headed into the Nelson Range for a few days and showed them a few of our favourite stashes.


Tyler – Dropping into the chute and dropping the knee with a big pack. I like to give telemarkers grief about their inadequate gear, but Tyler didn’t seem to be having any problems.


Kirk – We found powder on all aspects but directly South, and on occasion the sun popped out and made it all beautiful.


Daddy Long Legs – A long legged  friend of ours had the week before established the skin track we used repeatedly, and it was relentlessly steep.

Andrew – Here’s a pretty crappy little video of Andrew skiing one of the endless pillow lines skiable in this zone.  For once I was skiing with others who had cameras, so I didn’t pull mine out too often.


Wolf tracks on Snowmobile tracks – I’d long believed that one of the reasons snowmobiles are prohibited from key Mountain Caribou habitat, was that predators used the snowmobile tracks to access otherwise inaccessible high mountain areas. A Ministry of Environment biologist recently told me that this was a myth, but here’s a pic of wolf tracks following  a snowmobile track on top of Lost creek pass. We saw more snowmobile tracks than ever throughout areas supposedly closed to such use.

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