Mt Payne – TR


Sandon – Sandon is a unique little end of the road ghost town surrounded by steep snowy peaks. A few people call the place home through the winter, and the backcountry skiing is incredible. We followed Gary’s lead up and out of town, linking together old mining roads up into the alpine.


Francois on Mt Payne (2276m) – I’ve long wanted to check out Mt Payne. Back in 1999 my now ex-wife received sponsorship to compete on the Freeskiing World Tour from an eccentric benefactor based in Nakusp. He happened to own some property he was trying to off-load on the summit of Mt Payne, and figured he’d promote the property with t-shirts, stickers and ball caps, so for a while I was sporting Mt Payne Extreme Properties paraphenalia.  An internet search revealed that the propert is still offered for sale – only $299,000.


Gary – There’s nothing like having a local to show you the choice line. We pieced togther a slide path, some glades through the forest, and a cut-block for an incredible 3600′ powder run back into Sandon.

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