Mt Brennan – TR


Francois and the gals, Mt Lyle in the background – Skiing Mt Brennan is one of the truly classic ski tours in the Kootenays. It’s a massive 6000′  vertical from Retallack to the summit, but with good visiblity and easy trail breaking it was about 5hrs for the climb.


Nadine checking out the Goat Range – On the 2902 m  summit we were blessed with sunny breaks, light wind and incredible views in every direction. 


Francois – It was a little wind packed on the top, and sun affected down low, but in between we enjoyed endless open powder slopes in perfect condition.


Nadine – It was a joy to get into the big mountains again. The only downside was the discovery that Stellar Heli Skiing have incorporated the area into their tenure, and are now operating in this traditional backcountry skiing destination.


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4 responses to “Mt Brennan – TR

  1. GreaseBeard

    I live in Nelson and have wanted to do this trip for years. I’d like to slay this beast this season if possible. Msg me if you plan on returning and need a capable trip partner, or if you can provide any “local knowledge” about the trip. It sounds like you toured right up the logging road from the highway like it says in the guidebook? no sled ride?………anyways looks like a very nice tour. cheers.

    • GB,

      It’s about an hour of fast touring on the road from Retallack before you start climbing up the steep headwall. Technically you’re crossing private property, but I’ve never had problems while ski-touring. Unauthorised use of a sled might be an issue. Enjoy.


    • Alex

      GreaseBeard, This is Smelly Pits. I am moving to Nelson this coming winter and plan to shred the area every waking second. i would love to connect with you and do some touring/ laps at Whitewater. That goes for anyone else in the Kootenay region that wants to come skiing. You can add me on facebook… rugged alex, and well get in touch. Cheers!

  2. Hi Nadine
    Brennon is a real treat for us to. If you ever need help while your up there give us a call on the radio. It’s really great to see folks out in the mtns. having a good time. If you would like to call us. 888-366-0067


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