Rossland Range Update


Paused atop the WWF ridge (Mt Roberts).

I spent most of last week in the basement of an office building in Kelowna, being trained in GIS software. But I’m back, and stoked be skiing my local mountains. The two small  (8cm and 9cm) snowfalls in the past week have significantly improved skiing conditions. Yesterday I made a few laps on the hill in the morning, then tested my new skis and bindings in touring mode.


Heavy Duty.

Huge Troubles with Dukes make for an absurdly heavy touring set-up, but I slogged up Roberts, then Grey and Kirkup. I think that’s about as much walking as I’ll ever want to do in these clunkers, but I did appreciate the extra control billy-goating down the WWF ridge on Roberts. The snow on all the North and North-East aspects was sensational. 


Old Glory – Looking friendly on a sunny day.

I had the pleasure of skiing one of my favourite lines (not a secret, but I don’t need to increase the traffic) for the first time this year, after a certain dedicated local backcountry skier had obviously put in lots of work to clear out the alder. Nice work B.


Jeff – About to drop the Cornice on Kirkup.

After a slower start this morning, a group of us toured up Elgood Ck onto the peak and skied the main chute. Another perfect sunny windless day, and the snow was effortless (other than a few unpredictable turns on the apron) consolidated powder with a frosting on top. In contrast to the day before, my Dynafit setup had me feeling like I had wings on my feet!


Francois – Nice form in the Elgood Chute.

We are so very fortunate to live in a place where we can drive for a few minutes out of town and access any number of classic lines from the roadside.



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