Dynastar Huge Trouble


I just took delivery of my brand new 185cm Dynastar Huge Trouble skis (140-115-130), and I’m currently in the process of trying to work out where to mount them. The very detailed review that sold me on the skis makes a convincing case to mount them at -3cm to hit the sweet spot in the turning radius.  I’m convinced that most twin tip skis are mounted too far forward, which might explain why all but he most aggressive jibbers I see seem to be leaning back and fighting for control. To confuse things, a tech from Evogear told me to mount them at +2cm else they wouldn’t perform on hard snow. I’m going from my 183cm Head Super Mojos, which I love, so to try to sort this out I measured what I estimated was the functional side-cut length (ignoring the tip and tail) on each ski and produced a spreadsheet comparing the relative positions of the manufacturer’s centre mount positions. My Supermojos are mounted (on the line) at 43.54% from the rear. The manufacturers mounting position on the Big Troubles is at 45.91% from the rear. At -3cm the mounting position on the Big Troubles is at 43.97% from the rear, seeming to confirm the review I read, and which I’m hoping will deliver the feel I’m looking for. These are going to be my day to day resort skis, but with  Dukes mounted on them so that I can skin up to Motherlode on big days,  lap Roberts occasionally, and perhaps use them for cat-skiing. Bring on the powder.


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5 responses to “Dynastar Huge Trouble

  1. Ryan Loiselle

    I have been skiing the big trouble (second set) for the past three years with a freeride plus with the same setup your thinking of…

    its a WICKED ski!

    so much so in the big trouble I am planning on a fat setup with another freeride plus and the huge trouble.. they are basically the ‘same’ ski, they just upped the dimensions this year…


  2. Graeme

    Check out the TGR forums (I think you were on there already). Go under Tech Talk, there is a thread about the Huge Trouble and where people are mounting it. The reasoning for going forward on a flat camber pow ski is easier turn initiation on hard snow, and with flat camber/145mm tip you won’t be giving up much float, they will float waaay better than supermojos even if you mounted +8.

  3. Bill

    Fedex has my HTs on the way – are you still happy with your mount center point?


  4. Sean

    I am in the same position. I just ordered some 09 Huge Troubles and am trying to learn what I can about mounting positions while they are in transit. I am currently skiing 09 Line Prophet 90’s that I really like but feel like I need more for those deep pow days. I had my Prophets mounted right where the factory said to. I ski in Tahoe and the deep heavy snow seems to throw me forward a bit. The HT’s will be my powder skis so I am thinking I should mount them to provide better performance in the deep. Can anyone recommend a position for me? Is the -2 to -2.5 cm spot what it’s all about for powder? Thanks in advance!

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