Seaman Peak


Sunrise – Wildhorse Creek.

I got to guide one of my favourite local tours yesterday. After a late night (life lesson #273 – don’t party with Quebecois when you’re breaking trail all the next day) and a very early start I snowmobiled for an hour – most of the way into the Qua yurt where I met the 8 guys from Calgary.


“Where the hell are you taking us”  – Wade and the guys on the Seaman summit traverse.

We skinned to the south summit of Seaman peak  (for Whitewater skiers, its the massif directly to the south of Ymir peak) and traversed the exposed ridgeline to the gunsight notch at the top of the classic line we call Long Qua. 


Long Qua

Sure it hasn’t snowed in a while, but we were loving pitch after pitch of silky boot deep hoar frosted snow. We toured all day, and found that even on the sun warmed aspects, it was great skiing. After sharing a beer as the sun set I  hustled to make it back to civilization on my lightless sled – more than a little bit tired.

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  1. That looks incredible.

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