Mashed Potato

It was dumping hard yesterday and into the evening,  so I had high hopes for powder skiing today, but woke to rain on my roof. Motherlode chair was closed due to reportedly high avalanche conditions (I’d have loved to check it out) so we skied mashed potato like snow with poor visibility on the Red Chair. On steep terrain it was actually pretty fun powder-ish skiing, but by about 11am I was pushing a big ball of crud in front of me as I straight-lined down Poochies, so called it a day. Tommorrow is forecast to be wet and slightly warmer (argggggh) then cooling and clearing for Friday. It’ll be intersting to see what we’re left with.

6pm Update – Mat just dropped by to gloat that because he’d stuck around a few minutes longer than I this morning, that the Motherlode chair had opened, and so he’d spent the afternoon lapping the North -side steeps with no-one around. We’d been told earlier that there was no chance it would open, but anything is always possible at Red Mountain.

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