Deep Freeze

Damn it’s cold out there. -20 degrees is just plain absurd.  On Sunday Jordy and I skinned and skied down Main Run on Granite. I was a bit concerned on the way up, particularly in the Bowl, as there was no base whatsoever on top of the rocks. But by picking our line with care, skiing fast and staying light on our feet, we managed a clean run in nice powder. It was too cold for photos.


The crew at Wildhorse – Checking out the new toy.

Yesterday we had orientation at Wildhorse catskiing. In the sun and out of the wind it actually wasn’t too frigid, and we got a chance to play around with one of the new tracked Suzuki pick-up trucks we’ll be using to transport guests up to the Pass.  With seats and some weather protection installed on the back, we expect they’ll be an improvement over the snow-mobiles towing trailers that we’ve been using. Here’s a short video of the truck in action.

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  1. Looks like a cold ride…….

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