Storming in the Kootenays

The art of being a skier (a metaphor for life itself) is to be in the right place at the right time. The storms roll in off the Pacific in relentless successsion, and by utilizing internet forecasts and the experience garnered from doing this for a while, we bring it all together to ski powder. Andrew and I drove up to Revelstoke on Thursday afternoon, crashed with friends, and despite Vanessa’s admonishment not to support the ruthless corporation, scored a great powder day on the lifts at Revelstoke Resort. It snowed steadily all day, and we charged hard until my legs turned to jelly by mid afternoon – those high speed lifts certainly deliver the vertical.

Driving home to Rossland, in what we knew was going to be a major blizzard, was pretty exciting. From Winlaw South it puked with a rare intensity, visibility was marginal (the full going in to hyperdrive effect) and we were delayed an hour coming into Trail due to a four car pile-up.

Check out this video taken last night as we were driving through the Slocan valley.

The view from my door this morning.

We woke this morning to a whopping 45cm of new snow in Rossland. After a shovelling marathon, Cam and I headed up Red to see what was skiable. In the light knee deep powder on virtually no base, trail breaking was a bit of a struggle, especially where the snow had been effected by the mounting wind, but we made a couple of runs down the Cliff, and found that as long as we kept charging straight down the hill (or as much as was possible in the conditions), we were able to stay up enough to miss the schnarb down low, and it was actually pretty good powder skiing.

Check out this video of Cam on the Cliff.

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  1. Tim J

    You have an excellent blog. Thanks for sharing. I have skied over 100 areas in North America and Red is on the top of the list. Thanks. Tim

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