Film Festival Weekend


Local photographer/film-maker – Derek Frankowski.

It was the weekend of the annual Rossland Mountain Film Festival. I avoid the mainstream ski porn that predominates at the popular evening sessions, but there’s plenty of quirky interesting stuff at the smaller venues. My favourites – Skiing in the Shadow of Ghengis Kahn , AK the Hard  Way,  Carts of Darkness, and the Frolfumentary. I also checked out Derek Frankowski’s photographers workshop – an interesting insight into the life of Rossland’s resident pro photographer, and a chance to check out a little of his new bike  movie Lifecycles – there’s no doubt he and Gibby are setting a new standard for the genre.


Cooling the hot pool with river water. 

I got to check out halfway hotsprings (north of Nakusp) for the first time on Sunday. What a beautiful spot. I thought Andrea and I would have to ski in (we had our gear), but the road was well packed, and  it ended up being a (rare) day of complete relaxation.  The higher peaks (Airy was completely covered) were looking tempting, but we really need some substantial storms to kick start our season. With nothing in the forecast, I guess Roger’s Pass is the only option.

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