First Turns – Idaho Peak


Andrea was keen (and I always am) so despite the potential of rain to 2000m, we headed up Idaho Peak yesterday for the first turns of winter. I was able to drive 4km up from Sandon (most of it ploughed for the mine), leaving a leisurely 8km skin up the road to the upper parking lot. It was pretty misty, with some wet snow flurries (it was a moist day) but the rain held off, and a a few skiers on their way down gave positive reports. I’ve skied some really crappy conditions on first days of the season, and this wasn’t too bad. In the consistent wet powder (perhaps a total of  50cm in the alpine – which should set up solid with cooling temps) you couldn’t really bounce em back and forth, but medium radius carved turns felt pretty smooth. The descent on the road was fast (I had the right wax) and exciting in places, but it was raining by this point and we soaked by he time we reached the truck – and the hot springs beckoned.



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