Between Seasons

I’m busy working on an Active Transportation Plan (urban trails) for Rossland at the moment, but here are a few pics of what I’ve been doing to keep myself entertained as I count down the weeks until skiing begins.

Clean Lines at Nexpa – Cam and I just got back from a couple of weeks chilling out on the beach in Nexpa (Mexico) where we scored some great waves. I was loving my new new 6’5″ epoxy quad fin. 

Sunset – After a strenuous summer of work on the trails, just hanging out and doing SFA (except when surfing of course) was exactly what we needed.

Mt Roberts – Always an incredible perspective on our little town.

Mt Abercrombie – A group of us enjoyed perfect Fall conditions on this classic ride – 10km of high speed flowing downhill single-track.

On a more sombre note, I attended Dave Swetland’s funeral on the weekend. At one time a celebrated pioneer of progressive free-ride mountan biking, Dave also excelled at skiing, snow boarding, climbing, and I’m sure every other adrenaline sport he put his hand to. Dave was always larger than life, certainly one of the most driven, live by his own rules characters I’ve ever known, but one who always enjoyed sharing his obvious delight. He’d been struggling with substance abuse issues for several years, but seemed to be getting his act together before meeting his untimely end in a car crash.  He was remembered fondly by a large gathering of family and friends.

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  1. Andrea

    I heard I rumour my dogs had made a blog site….glad to see it’s on someone’s site I know!

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