Old Glory on Canada Day

Ed – Ripping it up.

In what’s become something of a tradition, there were 9 skiers dropping into the Goat Chutes on Old Glory yesterday. Conditions were perfect, steep corn skiing, and a little wider and less intimidating than in years past. I’d stashed an old pair of skis on top of the mountain last year, figuring to save myself hauling them in and out, but they’d been taken and so I had to borrow my brother’s skis for a run. I like to think that mountain people live up to a higher standard, but I guess Old Glory isn’t remote enough to select out the degenerates. Regardless, it was a fun day in the mountains with friends.

Cam – On the top third of the run.

…..and continuing on.

Nicole – All Style.


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One response to “Old Glory on Canada Day

  1. god

    maybe somebody was nice enough to help clean the backcountry garbage can you guys stash that crap in… or maybe a hunter hiked em out with good intentions… but you’re right, somebody probably stole your awesome rock skis, saving money and knowingly ruining your canada day. who’s the degenerate? really? grow up

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