Closing Weekend at Red

The Microwave Face – Palo Alto to First Cooler (during snowier times).

Compliments to Red Mountain for opening Granite for a final weekend of skiing. Sunny spring weather and awesome coverage made for a great end to the ski season. On Saturday I hooked up with Sparky and Andrew to check out the snow on the high steep north faces of the Microwave face, and were rewarded with silky dry snow on a day when everything else had turned to goop. I spent the rest of the day lapping lines that I hadn’t skied all season – the Center ridge  and  Skier’s right lines off the top, Natty Brown, Psycho and First Coolers. By Sunday even the snow on these lines had degenerated to a mashed potato like consistency, but I still managed the traditional last run of the season down the Microwave face, albeit in marginal conditions. Now off to Mexico for some tube time, back May 2nd  for mountain biking season. I’ll Blog occasionally over the summer on skiing related stuff (including more from the Purcells traverse), but more frequently at

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