Easter Skiing


Jill – catching some air at the end of the day at Wildhorse.

Late season powder skiing continues in the Kootenays.  After a couple of great days  skiing at Red, showing guests from Salt lake City and Whistler a few of our secrets, I was back up at Wildhorse with a group of Red Mountain lifties. I don’t know who was loading chairs at Red on Sunday, but we were having a great time in the untracked mid winter conditions.


Rugged Conditions on Unnecessary Ridge. 

Today I wandered around our local mountains with Cam and Andrew. We toured up Kirkup from the highway, and skied the North glades. I guess I’m getting a little spoiled from all the untracked snow I’ve become accustomed to, and found it a bit tracked for my liking. So we traveresed over to the Old Glory trail and on up to Unnecessary Ridge, where we were blasted with horizontal snow in the howling wind.  We dropped off the Ridge on a slope I’ve never skied before (same aspect but south of the Hanna Peak chutes) for a great steep powder run and a long rolling descent down a gully into the South fork of Hanna Creek and on down the highway. It snowed most of the afternoon and into the early evening – so it’s going to be a powder day at Red tomorrow.

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