Kootenay Pass – Four Chutes in a day.


Andrew – Heading towards the Rampart from Twin Lakes. 

The snow gods don’t seem to be blessing the Rossland Range at the moment, but only a hour away at Kootenay Pass it’s a different story. With good stability and dry, boot deep powder on Northern aspects, Andrew and I linked together four classic chutes for a great day of skiing.  Longer Spring days allowed for an uncharacteristic late start, but we we made quick time to Lightning Strike ridge for a steep, tight start and a 1500′ powder run down into Twin Lakes.


Funky Terrain on those Ridge-lines. 

The climb to the top of the Rampart (if there is a more established name for this feature – I’d like to know) had a few challenging sections on the narrow, steep and convoluted upper ridge-line, but the chute we were aiming for (the obvious line visible from the Pass itself) was less steep than anticipated, and dished up 800′ of creamy turns.


In the chute through the cliffs of the Rampart.

Our existing skin track made for quick climb to regain the ridge-line, where we met up with some friends from Rossland for the scratchy climb to the top of the Muffin. We skied an exposed, steep and narrow 1200′ chute off the Muffin into the North West drainage, then after a short climb finished the day dodging sluff for fresh tracks down the 1500′ Banana chute to the highway, and hitched a ride back to the Pass.

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