Purcell Wilderness Threatened.

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, RK heli-skiing has suggested to the Provincial government that it be permitted to move it’s operations into the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy to make way for the proposed Jumbo ski resort. The Conservancy is the only intact eco-system in South Eastern British Columbia. Other than a few rough trails it is completely undeveloped, and all mechanized activities are prohibited. The Jumbo resort and RK’s move are just more fronts in the never ending battle between local people trying to live with integrity, and a Provincial government beholden to business interests – determined to sell off the rights to all our public lands so that it can be exploited for it’s industrial tourism potential. Andrew, Jordy and I are right now preparing to traverse the Purcell Mountains on skis, leaving April 3rd. We’ve planned a route which follows the crest of the range, taking us through both the area of the proposed Jumbo resort and RK’s potential expansion. I love ski traverses, but dodging groups of heli-skiers and their tracks, as is common throughout most of the Columbia Mountains, does detract from the adventure, so I’m excited at the prospect of abandoning all evidence of civilization through the Conservancy. I hope that in some small way our experience might open a few eyes to the value of true wilderness.



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3 responses to “Purcell Wilderness Threatened.

  1. Mike

    Hey Spooner

    RK is, and has been skiing in the PWC for a long time. I skied up onto Blockhead Mt last Wednesday(March 05/08) and RK had dropped several groups on Blockhead Mountain and picked them up down in Hamil Creek…..hummm. Nobody is around so nobody notices….except the critters.

    Mike Davies

  2. Thanks for info Mike. We should keep a record of such infringements, just in case. Unfortunately heli-poaching is pretty widespread in my experience, which isn’t surprising given the Province’s reliance on self-enforcement and the absence of effective penalties. Have fun on Mt Cooper if it works out.


  3. Michelle

    I am interested to know more about how Blockhead was? Would be fun to get back there sometime this year….perhaps later in the season when the poachers in their helicopters are long gone.

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