Idiot Chute


It’s been lean times for powder skiing at Red lately, but it snowed pretty much all day yesterday, getting better every run, and this morning was bluebird with 10-15cm of fresh. Skiing top to bottoms with Don I didn’t have an opportunity to stop for pics, but the young free-skiers were putting on a show for the chairlift, so I snapped this shot of somebody taking some nice air (although we weren’t impressed that he groveled rather than skied fluidly into the take off) adjacent to the Idiot Chute. Aka the Spokane couloir, it’s a 50 meter straight shot that is more of a buzz  than it is challenging. When there’s more snow sticking to the rocks,  there are many more options in this little zone, including a few exciting double drops, but this was the only variation from the main line (which must have been skied at least 20 times today) that we saw.



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3 responses to “Idiot Chute

  1. Francois

    sounds like a good place for you to hang out.

  2. Pete in Lennox

    Hey Francois

    Whatever did you do with all your time and pent up bitter angst before finding the portal of Stewarts blog?

  3. Francois

    maybe you need some spelling lessons.

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