Retallack Touring


Mt Brennan provided a spectacular backdrop to the day.

Following an alpine start from Rossland – Andrew, Cam, Francois, and I dropped in on Stan and Deb in Retallack, for a day of skiing in the sunshine on the slopes above their home. Retallack is the virtually abandoned mining settlement atop the pass between New Denver and Kaslo, and we tour on the North Side of the highway in the Goat Range, not on the South side, where the cat-skiing outfit of the same name operates.


Andrew – testing stability on a spine.

The quality of the snow varied greatly depending on aspect. The deepest and lightest was certainly to be found in the North chutes, but after a few exciting moments on our first run, with 30cm soft slabs ripping out on the hoar frost, we did some exploring in the Alpine then moved around to the more stable but variable North East facing treed glades. Great to be out with friends in these huge empty mountains.


Cam – strait-lining to safety.


Stan – checking out plans for another day.


The Vulture – watching over us! 

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  1. Vermonster

    Captain Traverse and Skinning Boy live to ski another day!

    ps: please email the Old Glory pics to me at 🙂

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