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Wildhorse Powder


Seth gasping for breath on the North Clearcut at Wildhorse. 

With at least 40cm of new snow falling on Wednesday night at Wildhorse, there were face-shots aplenty on Thursday. Although I missed what I’m sure was a great day (18cm of new snow with good visibility) on the lifts at Red, it seems people had skied themselves out, and so I had the mountain to myself today in smooth soft and surprisingly filled-in conditions. Temperatures have moderated a little, but unusually we’ve still had nothing approaching a significant warming or rain event since early December, even at Rossland’s elevation, where the snow drifts around my house have accumulated to the extent that I’m digging my way in the front door.

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Wildhorse Pics

 I’m back for a short break between stints of powder skiing at Wildhorse. With the sun shining and the snow flying Sara had her camera out and captured some of the action, including these of me.




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Lapping Mt Roberts


The named lines and features on the North face of Mt Roberts.

There was a time when I would spend full days on Mt Roberts. Making use of the assistance of the Paradise chair and the short climb, six lap days were possible. Now with better touring gear and an expanded knowledge of the alternatives, I don’t concentrate on Roberts so much, but we managed three very enjoyable laps today. The area has finally filled in again after the recent Free-skiing contest. The Gunbarrel was tracked through the guts of the chute, but soft turns could be found in the trees on the side. The Knife Edge was extra bony (rocky) at the top, but deep and untracked lower down and through the Center Chute to the bottom. By our third lap it was getting pretty crowded on the skin track, but we found a clean line through the schnarb down the classic East ridge to our car waiting on the Old-Cascade Hwy.

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Record Rambling


Jordy and Steve looking back on our tracks.

After a day of wallowing in the super deep conditions at Wildhorse yesterday, it was a pleasure to stretch the legs and enjoy some hero snow in the in the local mountains today. Visibility was a bit marginal but no problem through the trees on the Juicy Quim, and after a few awkward turns at the top, the Field of Dreams was dreamy all the way down to the Old-Cascade highway.  Plowing trenches is certainly a unique sensation, but for me riding high in boot deep snow and bouncing turns effortlessly is the bliss I crave.

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