Roger’s Pass – Bonney Glacier


Lunch break atop the Bonney Glacier

Although I’ve still got loads of great unused pics, this is probably the last post from my recent Roger’s Pass trip. For the final day of the trip we packed up early and skied out of the Wheeler hut, drove down the Trans Canada a short distance, and skinned up Loop Brook. Our objective was the north facing slopes of the Bonney Glacier. After hearing our nightly fire-side stories in the Wheeler, a couple of skiers from a larger UofA group were keen to try something a bit more adventurous than their experience would have otherwise allowed, so joined us for the day. Conditions remained perfect, warm in the sun, but the snow remained cold and dry, we had a a skin track to follow to the top, and untracked expanses on the way down.


Andrew – cruising on the Bonney.


Andrew – threading a line through the lower pillows.

The end of a great trip – Lisa, Brace, Kirk and Andrew freshening up in Loop Brook.


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  1. Brace

    Nice pictures, I’ll have to send you some of mine from the trip.

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