Flaming Couch catches air!


About to take off.


Showing excellent form in the air.

The old fold-out couch had done it’s time in the patrol shack atop Red, and had to go. Fortuitously Jordy and had decided to finish our day with a couple of runs on Red, so were able to witness and help out as the couch was disposed of in classic Red Mountain style. Skis were attached to the base, it was dragged into place, doused with gas and set alight, then to the accompaniment of cheers from the small crowd, was let fly down the first pitch of Back-trail, catching serious air-time off the Steil-hang, before disintegrating into a well dispersed trail of smoking debris. Thanks to Meg for the pics.


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2 responses to “Flaming Couch catches air!

  1. Couch_Incident

    This is a lovely story. Do you have any more pics you can show us?


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