Revelstoke Mountain Resort


Alison on Kill the Banker. 

Before heading to Roger’s Pass I got a chance to ski at the new Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Unfortunately my visit corresponded with both Alberta’s Family Day and President’s Day in the US, so the lifts and the especially the parking were overwhelmed, but it was a sunny day with 20cm of new snow, the ticket was cheap (just $44 with my Red Pass) and I had a local friend to show me around, so we had a fun day. I’ve skied many mountains that don’t measure up to the skiing I enjoy on a regular basis at Red, so I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the hype, but I was impressed. The bottom half of the Resort is always going to be marginal skiing, so the huge vertical will really only come into play once or twice a day (just like skiing at Whistler), but the the upper mountain is both more extensive and provides better quality skiing (bowls, cliffs, and gladed trees) than I had anticipated. The facilities are first-class (what a contrast to Red!), the views incredible, the snowfall adequate (though they’ve positioned the resort on perhaps the least snowy mountain in the region), and when the proposed new lifts are in place and all the terrain is accessible, it’ll be hard to beat. Revelstoke itself is woefully unprepared for the changes taking place, still a red-neck town without the services to meet the needs of the resort driven influx (despite the crowds of forlorn caffeine  junkies wandering about on Sunday morning, all the coffee shops and breakfast joints in downtown were closed) , but with the speed that condos are selling and housing prices are rising, it won’t be long before Revelstoke is transformed into another resort town for elites.


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2 responses to “Revelstoke Mountain Resort

  1. Gabe

    stu is revie the shit or what? did you find staircases and air with steep landings? the tuques will be rockin’ out there march 28,29, i can’t wait…gabe

  2. Alison

    Well, if by ‘red-neck’ you mean hard-working middle class folks who love their outdoor pursuits, are community minded and ardently support the arts, then guilty as charged.

    Thanks for the day, Stewart. Enjoy the rest of your season. Your pictures from the Pass are awesome.


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