Our Backyard


Cam – Dropping in to the Double Hour Glass 

After a week of incredible skiing at Roger’s Pass, we figured Kirk from Vermont needed to try out our local touring, so yesterday we skied Old Glory. A short intense blizzard was just finishing dropping 5cm of heavy powder atop mostly refrozen snow, making for balling-up (bring your skin wax) and then extra firm skinning (my new B&D ski crampons came in handy) and pea-soup visability, but we climbed into sunshine at the summit. The double-hour-glass was firm-ish but very carvable (although a bit rocky through the lower pinch), while the Hanna chutes provided smooth turns on consolidated powder. The ski-out was corn snow, getting sticky at the bottom. Altogether a fun day with lots of variety.

Cold Kootenays to finish the day – Stew, Andrew, Kirk, & Cam.


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  1. Michelle

    looks awesome – can’t wait to get back on the skis next week 🙂

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