Roger’s Pass – Asulkan Glacier


Plenty of Fresh Lines.

The 4000′ North-East facing lines on the Asulkan Glacier off the Dome Saddle and Sapphire Col always seem to always deliver exceptional skiing. With steep rolls, exposed ice, and more than a few drops to add excitement, and enough terrain to always find fresh lines, you could easily spend an entire trip just lapping the same skinning track. Although after grinding up that monster 4 times in 5 days (including twice in one day) I was beginning to imagine myself bound in some Sysiphean predicament (perhaps I am?).

Here’s some video of Andrew enjoying the powder below Sapphire Col.


Kirk Kardashian – Dropping in from Sapphire Col (A long way from Vermont).


Kirk – On the third pitch.


Our Late Afternoon tracks off the top of the Dome Glacier (there’s nothing quite like that edge of the world feeling as you drop over a huge convex roll) .

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