Roger’s Pass – Forever Young Couloir.


The Forever Young Couloir

I’m back from 5 days of skiing in stable easy-skiing powder, cloudless skies, and light winds at Roger’s Pass. Andrew, Kirk and I made the most of the perfect conditions by putting in big days and ticking off lots of classic lines. Rather than try to summarize any further, I’m going to cover the trip with multiple posts.

When touring up the Asulkan drainage towards the Mouse-trap, the Forever Young Couloir has always caught my eye. It’s a classic “drain-pipe” European style couloir, dropping from below the North-East Ridge of Youngs’s Peak. Tucked between towering rock ramparts, it provides a sustained 1500′ descent at perhaps 45 degrees (I didn’t measure, but it felt pretty steep). We had thought to ski it on our first day, but after breaking trail to the summit of Young’s Peak, couldn’t resist a powder run down the Seven Steps of Paradise. Instead, the next morning we toured up over the Illecillewatt Glacier, with mind-blowing views in every direction, then dropped in.


Andrew – Looking to the Dawson Range and the Deville Glacier.

The snow on the descent was consolidated powder, which sluffed down a center runnel, but made for confidence inspiring hop turns on the steep sides of the chute. Peaking with adrenaline, we ripped sunny powder turns another 1000′ down the valley to the Mousetrap, ready to climb again.

Check out this video of Andrew skiing at about one third of the way down (just past the top pinch).


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  1. Steve

    That looks wicked! Always a pleasure reading your blog.

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