Obscure Moments in Ski-Bumming #1


Campbell Spooner – Extreme GT-ing. 

It was November of 1992, and I was working on the run-down 6 bedroom house I’d just purchased for $27,000, washing dishes in the bath, trying to make it habitable for winter. Although there was plenty of snow the  ski-hill wasn’t open yet, so we were riding our GT Sno-racers around town, looking for thrills. I don’t recall why riding our GTs down the Powderfields seemed like a good idea (it’s possible our minds weren’t entirely clear), but a small group of us ended up post-holing up Long Squaw, GTs in tow. The hike to the top of Granite took a lot longer than anticipated, and as the photo above shows, it was dusk as we began our descent. In early season conditions down the center of Powderfields we had absolutely no control, occasionally managing a short section of strait-lining, before tumbling to rest in a snowy crater. Things got even more ridiculous in the dark, through the cliff bands, without headlamps. Soaked and exhausted but otherwise unharmed we stumbled home later that evening, completing perhaps the first and only such descent.



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2 responses to “Obscure Moments in Ski-Bumming #1

  1. mat.c

    That was a good time, I continue to laugh about those drops into darkness.

  2. Premium post, amazing looking website, added it to my favorites!

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